Safford K-8 Community School
200 E 13th Street, Tucson, AZ 85701

520-225-3000                                                                                                                                     7-13-2022

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and Community,
As we begin our new 2022-23 school year at Safford K-8 Community School, we are excited to get busy making memories, friends, and most importantly – scholars. Our focus in the upcoming school year will be on ensuring every student makes up academic loss they experienced during the past few years of pandemic learning. Our job here at Safford is to work closely with our community to bring each student and family the services needed to support and improve the overall academic experience.

With the goal of advancing your special Husky, here are the commitments we are making to your student and the commitments we are asking from you. We have been working all summer to get the classes ready, with a new Project Based Learning initiative. Each class will have two large projects for our students, and these will include numerous standards. The reason for using Project Based Learning is to make the engagement level higher and the excitement about the content drives the learning.

Additionally, this year we will be making a deliberate effort to increase our student's mastery of fundamental skills, so they can utilize higher executive skills.

Safford Responsibility:
  1. Provide the highest level of academic standards-based learning focused upon the grade level of the student.
  2. Be positive and proactive members of the Armory Park Community and model the behavior we expect to see on campus.
  3. Provide our students and community with needed social emotional support (Counselors, Student Success Specialists, Social Workers, Restorative Practice Facilitators and caring teachers and staff), physical health support (vaccine clinics, sports physicals, vision and hearing screening, free breakfast and lunch, before and after school care) and increased academic remediation support (21st Century Program, after school tutoring, online academic programs, one to one Chromebook, Stemazing Grant through Raytheon, Wright Flight Program, Trout in the Classroom, U of A Biodiversity Program, Science Olympiad, SAFSEF, and more).
  4. Be present for our students, on time and ready to teach.
  5. Follow the Husky Pledge – Be a Community Member, Be Honest, Be Yourself and Be Kind.
  6. Contact our families weekly with positive feedback as well as constructive feedback.
Student Responsibility:
  1. Be in school every day, on time, in your classroom, ready to learn.
  2. Be in dress code with your cell phone off and away.
  3. Follow the Husky Pledge – Be a Community Member, Be Honest, Be Yourself and Be Kind.
  4. Be willing to experience and persevere through academic struggle (this is a critical skill all learners must embrace and perfect).
  5. Take your education seriously and set life goals to guide you in your academic future.
  6. Bring your Chromebook to school fully charged every day and take diligent care of the school technology.
  7. Treat all members of the Safford K-8 Community School with respect.
  8. Always use polite and respectful language on campus.
Parent and Community Responsibility
  1. Always sign in at the front office when on campus.
  2. Respect the Husky Pledge – Be a Community Member, Be Honest, Be Yourself and Be Kind.
  3. Support the education of all students on campus.
  4. Join our activities and events.
  5. Find a way to support teachers in their lessons. Volunteer if possible or provide supplies and snacks if you can.
  6. Provide a safe and focused area in the home to complete projects, homework and reading assignments.
  7. Have your students to school on time, in dress code and reinforce the school rules.
  8. Remind your students that cell phones are off and away during the day. Please refrain from contacting your student through their cell phone during the day. Call the front office if there is a need to contact your student (520-225-3000).
  9. Plan to have your student in school every day! This is the most crucial point; we cannot educate a student who is not here. Plan vacations around the school calendar – and please plan to let your student be in the class Monday through Friday.
  10. Plan to have a quiet and calm evening before testing days. It is extremely hard to do your best work when you are tired or hungry.
This is going to be a fantastic year. It takes an entire community to help our students be successful and engaged in academic learning. All the staff at Safford are making a commitment to being present for your students. We will do better if we all commit to making our school the safest, most reinforcing, kind, and academically focused place for every student. You are key in making this work.
My door is always open. Stop in and share your ideas, concerns, and excitement.

Dr. Katherine Kuhn
Principal at Safford K-8 Community School