2019-2020 Family Engagement Team Members
Dr. Katherine Kuhn
Contact Dr. Katherine Kuhn by email


This Year's Members Are:
Pat Ponce Contact Pat Ponce by email - School Community Liason

Angelica Garcia - Parent

Angelica Salavador -Parent

Diane Dean - Civics teacher

Martha Vasquez - 6,7,8, gr. teacher

5 Student Members

Meeting Minutes 2020-21
1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd quarter

4th Quarter
The purpose of the Parent Teacher Association is to provide parents, teachers, students and community to become involved and coordinate various school activities at Safford K-8.  For information about membership, please  contact Angelica Salavador PTO Treasurer by email
2020-21 PTA Members
PTO Members
Angelica Garcia PTO Acting President - Parent

Angelica Salavador PTO Treasurer  Contact Angelica Salavador by email - Parent

Diane Dean Teacher

Martha Vasquez Teacher

Pat Ponce Family Liason

5 Student Members

Meeting Minutes