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The Students of the Month (SOM) program was created to provide positive recognition for students in all grade levels here at Safford K-8 School. Each month, teachers nominate their choice for Student of the Month and write a small description of that student's accomplishments. We use the Safford K-8 PBIS Matrix (see below) as our expectation for student behavior. Students are generally chosen for their consistent demonstrations of the traits listed in the matrix.

Our school celebrates the accomplishments of Students of the Month on the first Friday of each month. Nominated students, their parents or guardians, teachers, and administrators all share a special breakfast in the school's library to honor each SOM. At that time, each SOM will be individually recognized and presented with a certificate of achievement. If your child has been nominated as SOM, we hope that you will join us in this important celebration of his or her success! Due to space restrictions, we ask that each student honoree bring no more than two guests. Thank you!

All SOM celebrations will be held in the school's library from 8:15-8:50 AM, on the days listed on the calendar.
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